How do I put on my BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One?

The baby carrier is delivered in the upper height position, which is for newborns. If your baby is taller than 62 cm, you should switch to the lower height level for babies.

  1. Put on the baby carrier over your head, like you would a shirt.
  2. Place the back yoke under the shoulder blade and then attach the waist belt to the back.
  3. Loosen the shoulder strap and unbutton the headrest on both sides, as well as the safety lock on one side.
  4. Place your child in the baby carrier. Once he or she is in place and you have locked the safety lock, buttoned up the headrest and, if applicable, the leg straps, you can adjust the shoulder strap and waist belt (so that it is comfortable for you and your baby).