Are BABYBJÖRN Baby Carriers not good for children because the child “hangs/dangles from the crotch” in them (and you can imagine how that must feel)?

No, that is not correct. An important part of the answer here is that a small child’s centre of gravity is very different from an adult’s. The child’s head is much larger and the legs are shorter and therefore weigh lessen relation to his/her body than is the case with adults. Therefore, the child’s weight is distributed differently: the brunt of the weight is not on the seat but is also distributed onto the baby carrier’s back, head and neck support. In other words, there is no comparison to if you yourself were sitting in a baby carrier. The child’s low body weight is also a vital factor resulting in almost no pressure being placed on the baby’s crotch. Pressure tests conducted together with paediatricians also confirm this.