What does being carried in a BABYBJÖRN baby carrier feel like?

Many parents wonder what it feels like for their baby to be carried in a baby carrier. An important part of the answer here is that a small child’s centre of gravity and proportions are very different from an adult’s. During the first year of life, the following happens: The little baby triples in weight and grows 30% length. The spine’s shape changes and motor skills develop every day. Proportionally, the child’s head is much bigger and heavier in relation to his/her body than an adult’s. The child’s arms and legs are also proportionally shorter and lighter. In other words, there is no comparison to if you yourself were sitting in a baby carrier. On the other hand, we know that feeling the parent’s closeness, body heat and heartbeat give the child in the baby carrier a sense of warmth and security. We also know that the slightly older child experiences tremendous delight in discovering the world together with and close to his/her parent.