How do I clean my Babybrezza Formula Pro before storing it for a long period of time?

Before storing your Formula Pro for an extended period, we recommend the following steps:

1. Remove entire Powder Container assembly and clean all parts: Powder Container, Measuring Wheel, Locking Cover, Silicone Scraper, Stirring Wheel and Powder Container Lid. Set aside to dry completely.
2. Remove Water Tank from Base, clean the inside and wipe the outside of the Water Tank with a damp cloth and wipe dry with a paper towel.
3. Remove Funnel and Funnel Cover from Base, wash, rinse, dry and put back into the Base.
4. Wipe entire Base with a clean, damp cloth and make sure it is clean and free of any powder or dried, mixed powder. Also, wipe the Drip Tray clean. Dry all surfaces with a cloth or paper towel.
5. Make sure all parts are removed from the Base except for the Funnel and Funnel cover, then plug in the Base and turn the power switch on.
6. Place a cup on the Drip Tray under the Funnel to catch water.
7. Press and hold all three buttons “ounce”, “stop”, and “start” simultaneously. The Formula Pro® will run the pump to clear the water from the machine. Continue to hold all three buttons for at least 20 seconds or until no more water is dispensed from the machine.
8. Remove the Funnel and Funnel Cover and wipe with a dry paper towel.
9. Make sure all parts removed from the Formula Pro® are dry and reassemble the entire Formula Pro®.
10. Your Formula Pro® is now clean, dry and ready for storage.