The steam button light of my Beaba Babycook has turned red and will not go off. What should I do?

Don't worry, nothing is wrong with your Babycook. The red light is just the descaling reminder light. Follow the instructions for descaling; you can find the instructions in your manual or on this site. Once you have descaled with a white vinegar and water solution, it is important that you unplug the unit for several minutes. Then, plug it back in. Lock your Blending Bowl(s) into place (Listen For Click) press down on arrows at the top of your lid to assure your lid is locked, and then PRESS and HOLD the steam button down for 30 seconds to reset the cycle counter. The steam button will turn white again.

Instructions on how to descale your Babycook:

1) Fill the entire heating reservoir with white distilled vinegar and let it sit overnight

2) Pour out the vinegar

3) Run 2 cooking cycles with plain water

4) Repeat as many times as necessary until clean

 *Be sure not to run the cooking cycle until the reservoir is completely clean. Otherwise, you are just "baking" the build-up onto the sides of the reservoir.

 *Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to descale your Babycook at the first sign of build-up. Keeping the reservoir clean is much easier than trying to remove stubborn build-up.