How do I descale (clean) my Beaba Babycook® reservoir?

We recommend descaling (cleaning) your Babycook® reservoir every 6-8 uses (more frequently if you live in an area with mineral rich water, as non-toxic limescale build-up tends to build up faster). The Babycook® Solo, Duo/Plus steam light will turn red as a recommended cleaning alert (or "cycle counter"), but unfortunately the original does not have this feature. Should you ever notice your steam cycles running shorter than usual or there is water remaining in the reservoir after the steam cycle completes, it is time to descale your machine.

Ensuring the device is cold and not connected to power supply, pour a mixture of 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar into the water reservoir

Allow the vinegar/ water solution to soak in your reservoir overnight

Empty the mixture into your sink and check to make sure all build-up has been removed (using a small flashlight or your cell phone)

Repeat the operation if necessary until all the mineral deposits (non-toxic limescale) have been removed. If you find the build-up is quite stubborn, OK to descale using pure distilled white vinegar.

Once build-up is removed, plug in the device and then complete two steaming cycles using water 3 (to ensure your reservoir is cleaned of any debris)

Clean the mixing bowl and accessories with warm, soapy water

For the Babycook Solo, Duo/Plus, you will need to reset your cycle counter (if your steam button was red). Locking your bowl(s) and lid(s) into place, plug in the machine and then hold the steam button for approximately 30 seconds (until the light turns white again).

Never use a chemical descaler or a coffee machine descaler in the water reservoir!