My Gnoii camera is offline or video/audio freezes, how can I solve this?

If the camera is offline or freezes, you do not need to reset the camera. It means the connection between the camera and your Wi-Fi is not good. The camera will stream video again when the connection improves.

You can simply swipe the live feed to reload the connection, or follow the suggestions below:

1) In the Options menu, change video quality to Low. Doing so will reduce the bandwidth required and improve the connection.

2) Make sure your camera is not too far from your Wi-Fi router. You can try to move the camera closer to the router to see if it gets better.

3) Sometimes if the Wi-Fi upload bandwidth is not enough, the camera might go offline. You can check if the connection has improved when other devices in your house are not using internet.

4) Make sure your smartphone has internet access, and the camera is powered on.

5) If none of the suggestion above works, please unplug the camera, and power it on again. Sometimes the connection will be fixed after this.

6) If you have just reset the camera by pressing the reset button, the Wi-Fi settings will be cleared. Please make sure to set up the camera again with your Wi-Fi.