How can I pan/tilt the Gynoii camera (GPW-1025)?

The Pan/Tilt function is only available on the model GPW-1025

You can control the camera angle remotely on the app with a finger slide.

If you find the camera hard to move, it’s possible that the camera head has reached the limit of horizontal 355 degree/ vertical 100 degree.

The camera can only move backward when the angle reaches the limit of the direction.

Here’s how it works:

1) Tap the Pan/Tilt button

2) swipe the live feed to control the camera’s angle.(You don't need to hold it)

3) To stop using the Pan/Tilt, please tap the Pan/Tilt button again.


If you tapped the pan/tilt button but still doesn't work, please just swipe the live feed to reload the connection and try again.

Sometimes it might also take a few seconds for the camera to build a connection so it might work if you wait longer after opening the app.

If none of the suggestion above works, please simply close the app, and open it to try again.