How do I wash ImseVimse cloth diapers?

1. When a diaper has been used, rinse it in cold water and squeeze it well.
Tip: hold the diaper in the toilet bowl and rinse with the shower hose.

2. Put the damp diapers in a bucket. You do not need to add extra water. The diapers can lie there for up to three days.

3. Normally, the diapers and the diaper covers can be washed at 60°C. If necessary, the cloth diapers can be washed at 90°C to get them extra clean. Close the velcro fastening on the diaper covers and Snap Diapers. Tip: diapers can be washed with other items of washing.

Do not use fabric softener as this leaves a residue on the surface of the fabric, which will decrease the absorbency.

Do not use bleaching agents on the diaper covers. You can use bleaching agents on the diapers occasionally.

4. We recommend that you simply hang up cloth diapers and covers to dry. You can dry them in the tumble-dryer but this puts more wear and tear on the fabric. Never dry ImseVimse items on a hot radiator or heated towel rail. Tip: if you use folding diapers, fold them as soon as they are laundered and dry – this saves time when changing diapers.