Why does the Doona come with  a 5 point harness?

We believe that a 5 point harness better protects a child in case of an accident.

In case of an accident, forces are transferred to the car seat and to the child. The child’s rigid body parts (shoulders and hips/pelvis bone) can withstand the high load forces of a crash better than the soft body parts (lower abdomen). With a 5-point harness the child’s abdomen area is better protected and do not have to endure high loads.

The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted to the correct shoulders height, which ensures that the forces applied in an accident are best transferred to the car seat shell and the rigid shoulder bones of the child.

In addition, in case of an accident a child might be injected from the car seat, the 5-point harness ensures that the child is well secured and keeps the child in the safest position within the protective seat shell.