Why is the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ by BeSafe® so heavy?

The Stokke® iZi Sleep™ by BeSafe® is heavier than the average car seat, but this is for very good reasons. For one, the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ has been designed to meet the highest international safety standards and its superior robustness offers optimal protection and safety for your child on the road. Also, the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ car seat offers the unique feature of a reclinable back support, which means you can choose the most comfortable position for your child at any time when using the seat outside of the car. The required mechanism also adds something to the weight.

Many of our customers have praised the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ by BeSafe® for its sturdiness, its solid fit behind the seat belt and its unique reclinable back support. Also, the fact that it is meant to be placed onto the Stokke® Xplory® stroller chassis when used outside of the car means it does not in fact have to be carried around a lot. Instead the Xplory® chassis will do most of the carrying for you.