Will the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ by BeSafe® car seat fit in my car and do I need to use an Isofix Base?

The Stokke® iZi Sleep™ by BeSafe® car seat will fit in nearly all car makes and models, as long as they possess 3-point seat belts ("one strap across the waist, another across the chest"). To be absolutely sure, it is always a good idea to bring your car along when purchasing a car seat, so you can ask the sales staff to help you install it as a test.

It is common nowadays to use a so-called Isofix Base, a stationary frame which makes it easier to insert a car seat into the car. To facilitate the installation of the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ car seat, a corresponding Isofix Base is also available from your Stokke® retailer. We also recommend to check if your car make and model is compatible with the Isofix Base.

However, the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ by BeSafe® car seat can be used safely even without the isofix base. The iZi Sleep™ is uniquely designed to make full use of both the upper and lower section of the car's seat belt, and is therefore very safe and secure.