What is the point of a Nuna Leaf Rocker for my baby?

The Nuna Leaf chair is designed to gently rock your infant to sleep without any noise; no whirring, clicking, buzzing, or motorized sounds. After your child grows from a baby into a toddler, he or she can still use the chair to sway back and forth for pure fun and enjoyment. The motion can also be halted easily with a lock at the base, so your child can take a break for playing or feeding time. Finally, because the weight limit is a hefty 130 lbs., the Nuna Leaf can also be used as a seat in the playroom for an older child.

Inspired by the gentle motion of a leaf falling from a tree, the Nuna sways from side to side instead of back and forth like most baby swings. There are not many moving parts either, and no electric cords to deal with, the Nuna Leaf uses the baby’s weight to naturally begin a rocking motion without the need for a motor or other mechanism.  The motion lasts for 2-3 minutes at a time. It looks great in the living room too. Unlike many baby swings, which come equipped with bright patterned seats or flickering lights, the Nuna offers a cool, modern asymmetrical design in calming, neutral colors. In fact, just like the motion of the seat, the asymmetrical build was also inspired by the calming look of falling leaves.