Are any of Nuna’s products toxic? Does it have any fire retardants or other chemicals?

Nuna's gone through all of the chemical lists with their engineers and checked the following:

  1. The fire retardant standard in the US is changing. Nuna started removing the fire retardant chemicals from their products as soon as the law allowed. We can confirm that none of the Leaf, Sena or Pepp products shipped to giggle include any fire retardant chemicals.
  2. Nuna will also be removing the California FR tag from their products in the future.
  3. The Nuna Pipa fire retardant chemicals belong to the category of ammonium polyphosphate, which is not prohibited by any Cal Prop. 65, CPSIA or ASTM requirement.
  4. Nuna will continue to push for the removal of fire retardant chemicals from all products as they believe that this is best for babies.
  5. All Nuna fabrics and fiber-fill are Oeko-tex certified, even if they are required by law to include fire retardants.