Can the Red Castle Cocoonababy® nest be used day and night? Is that not too much?

A new-born baby sleeps most of the time – apart from when you are feeding, changing and bathing him. Thanks to its shape and the materials used to make it, Cocoonababy® nest is the only product which can be used day and night for the first months. The posture adopted by your child in the nest has been studied in depth by medical specialists and is the best one for your baby’s comfort and development. Cocoonababy® nest reassures and comforts your baby, gives him the freedom of movement which encourages his eye-hand development, and allows him to interact with those around him when he is not asleep. However, when baby is awake, take him out of the Cocoonababy® nest. carry him in your arms or in a carrier, play with him, put him in a playpen, lie him on his tummy on a play mat (under adult supervision).