Is Mifold comfortable?

One of our priorities has been to design Mifold to be comfortable as well as safe and easy to use. There are more than 100,000 Mifold seats in use and in research. We have had positive feedback about comfort and our users tell us that they really do love it.

The comfort comes from three design and engineering factors:

  1. We use a unique EVA DenseFoam™(Ethylene-vinyl acetate) to provide constant support at the pressure points. EVA is typically used as a shock absorber in sport's shoes and boxing gloves.
  2. The foam fabric pad extends to the edge of the seat to ensure there is no hard edge. And
  3. the child’s weight is designed to sink the entire Mifold seat into the vehicle cushion, levelling out the two surfaces and minimising the edge effect. This is exactly the same as with a regular booster seat. They only have a thin layer of foam/fabric on a plastic/Styrofoam base and most of the comfort comes from the underlying car seat (the same thing happens with a hard-backed book … try it!).