How can I swaddle my baby safely?

Always place your baby on their back to sleep.

Do not swaddle your baby with their arms in, once they can roll.

To prevent a risk of overheating, follow our temperature and what to wear guides. You can find these here or on the product packaging.

Do not use any additional blankets when using the Gro-swaddle, simply adjust clothing underneath if you feel your baby is too warm or too cool.

Ensure the Gro-swaddle does not go over your baby’s head or cover your baby’s mouth. The fit should be snug around your baby’s neck and sit underneath their chin, but not be too tight.

If you pick your baby up to feed or comfort them, check the Gro-swaddle when placing them back down to ensure it is still secure, and not covering the baby’s face. If using the Gro-swaddle ensure there is no loose fabric, or if using the Gro-snug ensure fabric is pulled down nice and smoothly over the body.

Ensure there is enough room for your baby’s legs to go up and out at the hips, and that they are able to move their legs. Check our guide of how to wrap your baby correctly (see the ‘More Info’ tab on the Gro-swaddle product pages). If using the Gro-snug, this feature is built in to the product.


Remember: Excess fabric should be tucked beneath your baby at all times. Babies should be snug, but not swaddled too tightly. To check you have not swaddled your baby too tightly, ensure you can slide your fingers down the top of the blanket.