Why is the weight of the baby so important for the smaller size Grobag Baby Sleep Bag?

Our key safety consideration is to ensure that babies cannot slip down inside the Baby Sleep Bag. Therefore, we design the neck size to be as large as possible to allow comfort and heat loss, whilst being smaller than the average head circumference of the younger age/lower weight of baby we advise for the Grobag Baby Sleep Bag. We use health professional graphs to link head sizes with weight and this is also in line with the new British Standard for Baby Sleep Bags (BS 8510:2009). Most new parents do not know the head circumference of their babies, but they can keep a track of their weight, hence we use weight as a guide.


You must always take care not to allow your baby’s head to slip down and get covered by any bedding, whether that bedding is a Grobag Baby Sleep Bag, blankets or sheets.