What are the differences between Bugaboo bee 3 and Bugaboo bee 5?

The difference between Bugaboo bee 3 and Bugaboo bee 5 is as follows:

There are 64 color combinations for Bee 3 while Bee 5 has 790 color combinations.

(Choose bold basics from the Core Collection, muted mélanges from the Premium Collection, or gorgeous prints from the Signature Collection)

Bee 5 has a pocket in under seat basket while Bee 3 does not include it, also an integrated attachment points for accessories while bee 3 does not include the same features.

Bee 5 has a better suspension compared to Bee 3, also a vegan leather handle bar while Bee 3 includes a foam handle bar.

Bee 5 has atwo-piece seat which provides more comfort while bee 3 has a one piece seat.

Now Bee 5 has an option of white or red wheel caps while Bee 3 has only white wheel caps.