The function of the vehicle seat belt in a Group 2/3 child car seat is to hold it and the child firmly and properly in place. Insufficient (incomplete) seat belt retracts can be a common issue with Group 2/3 child car seats. There are many factors that contribute to this including the temperature outdoors and in the car, as well as the angle of the vehicle seat belt as it goes through the upper belt guide of the child car seat. Since the upper point at which a car’s seat belt connects to the body of the car is not the same in all cars, the result varies case by case depending on car type, child car seat, headrest position and other circumstances. Upon purchasing the child car seat, it is important to do an installation test. Please also try to ensure that the vehicle seat belt retracts sufficiently when your child is sitting in the child car seat.

Checking your child car seat:

Please always follow the user guide of the car seat (incl. type lists if applicable) and car for the installation of the child car seat.

1) When your child is sitting in the child car seat, make sure that the vehicle seatbelt runs smoothly and securely through the upper belt guide and lower belt guide. 

2) It is important that the vehicle seatbelt fits snugly and consistently against the body of the child so that it keeps the child and child safety seat securely in place. Always make sure the seatbelt is properly fastened and ensure that it is not twisted. 

3) Once the child has been seated, ask your child to lean forward and then back in the child car seat. Should you notice that the vehicle seatbelt does not retract fully and there is a slack in the seatbelt, please try the following:

  • Adjust the headrest of the child car seat so that the headrest is, where possible, 1-2 slots higher or lower (subject to the height of the child and additional guidance in the user manual) than its previous position.
  • If the belt-retract is still insufficient and the child car seat has an XP-PAD, please test the belt-retract without using the XP-PAD. If the seatbelt sufficiently retracts without the XP-PAD, then the child car seat should be used without the XP-PAD. Even without the XP-PAD, the child car seat still provides superior safety performance.
  • Should these steps not solve the issue, then please do not use this car seat and contact after sales immediately at 043232500 or email us at helpdesk@dutchkid.com.
  • If the vehicle seatbelt remains properly in place when your child moves around while seated, but does not fully retract when your child climbs out of the car, then you can use the child carseat without any restrictions