If you're still concerned about the TommeeTippee Closer to Nature pump,here are some things to consider:

Make sure all connections are secure. The silicone insert on the horn should be forming a complete seal around the breast. Ensure that the valve is clean and not damaged in any way, as well as checking that the air tube is securely fitted to the upper pump body and to the motor unit if using the electric model. It's also worth looking at the air tube for any kinks!
For TommeeTippee Closer to Natureelectric breast pump - If there is only a small amount of suction being created at the end of the air tube even on setting 3, this normally indicates that there has been a problem with the assembly of the breast pump, or that a part has become damaged. 

Please follow the steps detailed below:
1. Check the main body of the pump for cracks and tears (all main plastic components including the air tube).
2. Ensure that the white rubber valve that hangs down into the bottle has a visible split running across the base. This allows the liquid to flow through. If there is no visible split, you can gently rub this to get it to pop open or change it for the spare.
3. The setting may be too fast for your milk flow. Try turning it down to a lower setting. PLEASE NOTE - You do not necessarily need to go straight to number 3, as 1 or 2 may be better for your milk flow.
4. The silicone cup part needs to have a little “give”. It should not be pushed all of the way onto the plastic horn underneath and should leave a small gap between the two materials.
5. The silicone shield should create a good seal around the breast. Moistening the shield with a damp cloth may help create a better seal.
For a manual breast pump, there are 2 main parts within it that make up the suction. First there is the valve which hangs down into the bottle, the second being the silicone concertina. Check the valve has a split running across the end of it. If not, gently rub the valve together between your fingers and thumb as this should allow it to re-open. This process will allow the milk to flow freely. If you are still experiencing loss of suction, please check the concertina part to make sure there are no visible splits or tears inside.

Should the above steps not improve your suction or a spare part is required, please contact our after sales immediately at 043232500 or email us at helpdesk@dutchkid.com.