Is the ULTRA bottle compatible with other elements of the TommeeTippee range?

Closer to Nature bottle is unfortunately not compatible. The Closer to Nature bottle is primarily designed to ensure a smooth transition from breast to bottle whilst ULTRA is designed to deliver the prefect feeding experience. Both work well in their own right but are created for parents and babies with different needs. This is why they have been introduced as separate ranges

Yes, ULTRA bottles will fit in the Sterilizers. However it will require a bit of adjustment and, in the case of the electric steam sterilizer, means you can only fit 5 bottles in versus 6 Closer to Nature bottles. Please note, TommeeTippee are shortly updating the Sterilizer range to ensure a perfect fit

Breast Pumps are not compatible with Ultra bottles In the meantime, we suggest you express into the Closer to Nature bottle provided with your Tommee Tippee breast pump and, if you wish, decant this into the ULTRA bottle