Why has BPA become such a hot topic & Why have Tommee Tippee changed to BPA-free materials?

In recent years, many environmental groups have expressed concerns that the BPA contained in baby feeding bottles could ‘leach’ or leak out into a baby’s milk from the plastic when heated under certain conditions, or when bottles were cracked or scratched. This, they claimed, could result in health concerns for babies and children.

Bisphenol A has been intensively scrutinized for a long period of time and no credible scientific evidence has yet been found as to whether BPA is damaging to humans. The UK Department of Health and the UK Food Standards Agency are among many national and international bodies to publicly state that polycarbonate is safe to use and Closer to Nature has followed all advice while closely monitoring all available information about the issue.

As a leading and responsible manufacturer with 50 years of experience, TommeeTippeedecided that theyshould do whatever they could to minimize the confusion for parents in order to provide the total reassurance they have come to expect from us.

Closer to Nature range is now BPA free for a number of years, with all bottles in the range made in top quality polypropylene. This material is still light to hold, easy to clean and gives great results – but contains no bisphenol A.