What is the significance of the impact shield in CYBEX car seats?

CYBEX recommends traveling in rear-facing car seats for as long as possible ideally up to the age of 4. In rear-facing position, the energy of a frontal collision is distributed evenly over the large area of the seat and the sensitive body areas of the child are perfectly protected.

But sometimes, there are reasons that require toddlers to be switched to a forward-facing car seat, for example, a smaller or two-door vehicle.

In these cases, CYBEX’ forward-facing car seats equipped with an adjustable patented impact shield are the reliable alternative to offer a high degree of protection without confining the child.

The forces of a collision are distributed over the large area of the impact shield, which significantly reduces the strain on the critical neck, shoulders, and head by 40% in comparison to a conventional forward-facing seat with harness system without ER-Tech. In this sense, the safety cushion can be pictured as an already inflated airbag. The belt does not cut into the child and the vulnerable neck and shoulder area are protected.

In tests by leading European consumer organizations, car seats with impact shields have regularly received top results.