What is i-Size?

i-Size is one part of the UN Regulation No. 129. R129 is a new regulation in Europe for enhanced child restraint systems and was developed by the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE). This committee of experts included regulators, research and test institutes, car manufacturers and child restraint manufacturers. CYBEX was a very active member of this group.

R129 was developed to make child restraints easier to install, to provide better protection in side impact crashes and to keep children rear-facing up to at least 15 months of age. In addition, the i-Size category aims to make child restraints more compatible with car seats.

CYBEX encourages the use of rear-facing car seats as the safest way to travel as it is mandatory in R129. Rear-facing seats offer the most safety when transporting a child with the car. The strong front impacts are distributed widely across the area of the seat’s back, significantly reducing the strain on the neck. In addition, side-impact collisions occur half as often as frontal collisions, however, are equally dangerous. The lack of space on either side of the car cannot compete with the protective function of a crumple zone, making side-impact collisions considerably more dangerous than head-on road accidents. A high-quality car seat should, therefore, be equipped with suitable protection that helps prevent injuries to the child in case of a side-impact collision.