What is Linear Side-impact Protection System?

All CYBEX car seats are fitted with a Linear Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P. System). These additional side-impact protectors absorb the impact forces early on, effectively protecting the head and upper body in a side-impact collision. 

Whereas injuries caused by airbags and belts have decreased in number, side-impact collisions that are particularly dangerous for children have increased. Accident data shows that side-impact collisions occur half as frequently as head-on collisions yet cause far more serious injuries*. 

The lack of space on either side of the car cannot compete with the protective function of a crumple zone, making side-impact collisions considerably more dangerous than head-on road accidents. A high-quality car seat should, therefore, be equipped with suitable protection that helps prevent injuries to the child in a side-impact collision. 

Side protectors are an effective safety measure and embedded in the CYBEX safety principles.

Whether rear or forward-facing, thanks to the L.S.P. (Linear Side-impact Protection) the force of a side-impact collision is absorbed in a linear series of reactions together with the energy absorbing shell of the seat. The kinetic body energy triggered by an accident is absorbed and the head and upper body move in a safe position. Especially the child’s sensitive head and shoulder area are protectively locked inside the safety zone of the seat and the forces of an accident are taken away from the child.