Up to what age can I use my babybay?

We recommend using babybay Original up to 9 months. Of course, the expected useful life is different from child to child. If you take the expansion for a cot bed for the babybay Original it covers you up to 7 years.

Can you sit down on the Babybay when it is used as a bench even if I am an adult?

Babybay is tested by TÜV to carry 50 kg.

When do I need extensions for my Babybay?

The angles for the babybay are made for frames up to 9 cm wide. Our advice is to use the babybay extension if your frame is 4cm or wider. This extension bridges a gap of 15 cm. In addition we supply a mattress, which closes the gap between the babybay and the parents’ bed.

Can I attach the Babybay to a waterbed?

It’s no problem to attach the babybay to a waterbed with a frame. If you have a waterbed without a frame we advise to use the babybay with a side rail and castors so that the babybay can be firmly positioned next to your bed.

How do I maintain the Babybay?

It’s sufficient to wipe the bed with a dampish flannel. For hygiene reasons we recommend to turn over and lift the mattress regularly.

What is the price of the BabyBay Original?

To view the BabyBay Original pricing and availability, please click the link here: http://www.justkidding-me.com/ae/jk-babybay-original