How do I clean a Bottle Pet?

Bottle Pets are machine washable. Wash on gentle cycle then either air dry or place in a dryer. It’s that simple.

Is the Bottle Pet safe for a baby to suck on?

Yes. Bottle Pets have undergone rigorous safety tests by an independent testing facility and meet or exceed all applicable safety standards in the United States and Europe.

Do they insulate hot and cold bottles?

Yes. Bottle Pets insulate the liquid or formula inside the bottle. It can keep a bottle cold or it can keep a bottle warm and the Bottle Pet will not get wet.

Do Bottle Pets make it easy for a baby to hold on to a bottle?

Absolutely. Bottle Pets double as bottle covers and stuffed animals. They’re soft and easy for babies to grip.

What are Bottle Pets made out of and how well do they hold up?

Bottle Pets are made from plush 100% polyester and thus are of very durable quality.

Can I put any baby bottle in a Bottle Pet?

Yes. Bottle Pets are one size fits all bottle covers and can even hold glass bottles.

How do I put a bottle in a Bottle Pet?

It’s an easy four-step process. 1) remove the clear nipple through the bottom Velcro flap opening. 2) slide the baby bottle through the open Velcro flap and ensure the nipple of the bottle is all the way through to the pet’s mouth. 3) secure the bottle collar around the elastic mouth making sure the nipple is fully extended. And 4) close the opening by securing the Velcro flap shut.