I have a car seat/stroller, but I think something is wrong with it. What should I do?

Please take it to your local Justkidding store and get help from one of our experienced staff. If something is wrong with it please forward it to our aftersales department. [email protected]

My stroller/car seat is damaged, can I claim it?

Kindly forward the below to [email protected], our aftersales team will assist you further:

1. A short video and/or photo of the damage

2. Receipt copy 

3. The serial number mentioned on the stroller

My stroller/car seat is damaged, but it is not covered under warranty, what should I do?

This is handled cast to case. Kindly forward the below to [email protected]

1. A short video and/or a photo of the damage(s)

2. The serial number mentioned on the stroller 

What are the operating hours for the aftersales department?

Our aftersales department works 9 to 5 from Saturday to Thursday.

Where is your aftersales department located?

The main help centre is located in our Al Safa store. Once your claim is approved you can drop off your product in any of our branches.

My product got damaged during flight, can I claim it?

This is handled case to case. Please contact our aftersales department. [email protected]

Do you deliver spare parts?

Yes, if located in Dubai delivery is free of charge, if elsewhere charges will apply. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

What is the timeframe for the delivery of spare parts?

This is handled case to case. Please contact [email protected]

Do you repair all brands?

We only repair brands available at Justkidding. For additional information please contact [email protected]

I am looking for a spare part, can you assist me?

Yes, for certain brands we have spare parts. For more information please contact [email protected]

What is the timeframe for repairing/replacing my product?

The timeframe varies from case to case, usually between 1-14 working days (Excluding the ordering time of the spare part). For more information please contact [email protected]

Is there a shipping charge for spare parts?

Yes, if outside Dubai charges will apply, varies per case.

Do you pay the shipping bank charges?

No, the customer pays all related bank charges, before that we will not proceed your order/delivery.

I dropped off a damaged product, do you offer loan products for temporary use?

Yes, but we only offer car seats and strollers as loan products. We will inform you when loan product is available.

Do you replace/repair products even though I did not purchase it from Justkidding?

Yes, but this varies per case. For info please contact [email protected]

Do you offer home assembly?

For aftersales, no, you can to drop it off at your local Justkidding store. For more information please contact [email protected]

I received a faulty product, what should I do?

Please take it to your local Justkidding store, so that one of our sales staff can assist you. If not possible, contact [email protected]

In which country(s) do you offer aftersales service?

We offer aftersales services in every country where a Justkidding store is located. UAE, Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Terms and Conditions apply.

When is my product covered by warranty?

Many of our strollers and car seat brands offer their own warranty - the longest warranty period applicable will stand and will over-ride the below. An item(s) is deemed faulty if it is received damaged or has a manufacturing fault that is immediately evident or occurs within 14 days of the item being purchased.

Can I take my product to any branch for an aftersales inquiry?


Can I purchase a spare part from another distributor and get it fixed through Justkidding?

Yes, but only for the brands we sell and service charges will apply.

I bought my product from a different store/country, can you repair it?

This is handled case to case. To make sure we are able to repair your item send a picture/video and serial number to [email protected]

Can I get express delivery for spare parts?

Yes, charges will apply.

Can I drop/collect my product after (store) working hours at one of your stores?

Yes, but we recommend to drop/collect it within the aftersales working hours.

Can I replace a spare part myself?

Yes, but for safety. reasons please check with the Justkidding aftersales department.

I bought a product from a Justkidding store, but now I moved to a different country. Do you still offer aftersales service?

Yes, please contact us first for your location. If located in the gulf region it will be provided by us. If outside the gulf region we will contact the supplier and locate the nearest authorised retailer.

How can I use/mount my car seat on my stroller? Do I need an adapter?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of adapters. Please check our website www.justkidding-me.com or visit one of our Justkidding stores, so one of our expert staff can gladly assist you.