What is the Itzy Ritzy Snack Bag and Wet Bag lining made of?

The lining of Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags and Wet Bags is a custom developed, lush and thick fabric that is independently tested food safe and is BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. The lining is a polyester fabric with a thin polyurethane laminate (PUL), which has been tested per FDA guidelines to ensure food contact safety and to ensure that it is compliant with CPSIA testing.  Unlike many “snack bags”, Itzy Ritzy has put R&D money into fully testing the lining to ensure that it’s food safe. Also, the bags have been tested and approved according to the CPSIA requirements: They are in compliance with CPSIA Sec 101 / EPA 3051/305 (Standards for Lead in Substrates), CPSIA Sec 108 (Standards for Phthalate) and CPS 16 CFR 1500/1501 (Standards for Tension / Small Part for Choking Hazard).

What is a reusable Itzy Ritzy snack bag?

Great question! Itzy Ritzy's snack bags are reusable cotton zippered bags with food-safe lining to store sandwiches, fruit, snacks, toys, electronics and much more. They can easily be washed and used over again - think of them as a more secure and eco-friendly alternative to wasteful plastic baggies.

Are the Itzy Ritzy snack bags insulated or air tight?

Our snack bags are not insulated. Think of them as a daypack or replacement for a disposable plastic baggie. We do not recommend keeping food in the snack bags for extended periods of time as they are not air tight.

Are the Itzy Ritzy Wet Bags waterproof?

Itzy Ritzy uses custom plush and thick PUL lining that provides a 100% waterproof barrier. Along with sewing the sides of the bag, we add a heat seal to further make the bag water resistant – you can fill the wet bag with water and nothing will leak out through the sides or bottom.

Due to the product having a zipper top closure, we cannot call the bag completely waterproof although it does an excellent job of containing liquids and odors.