What is JustKidding® “Best Price Guarantee” policy?

JustKidding® guarantees you are getting the best price in this market. If you should find a better price in any country/city where a Justkidding store is located for an identical product (same brand, colour or size, the same year of production) JustKidding® will refund the difference – and will also give you an online voucher of 50. The Best Price Guarantee applies to those products sold by (online) stores that are physically based in, or operate from, a country where a Justkidding store is located.

The Best Price Guarantee is subject to be altered or terminated at any time without prior notice.

You must contact us within 24 hours after your purchase to make a claim under the Best Price Guarantee. The lower rate must be available at the time you contact us, as determined by our sales staff. The Best Price Guarantee applies only to products with the same colour/size and of the same production date (for example 2012 model).  It only applies to prices both advertised and available (in stock) to the general public. It does not include rates offered on membership programs, periodical discounts, offers or prices available only by using a coupon or other promotion not offered to the general public. It also does not include discounts for show models, used or damaged pieces.