Opening hours & locations
What are your store opening hours?

Please find the locations and opening hours for all stores below:


Does JustKidding® have a loyalty program?

Yes, JustKidding® has a loyalty program and it is called: JustRewards (Please see how JustRewards works by clicking on the link her:

What is JustRewards?

Welcome to JustRewards, JustKidding® new customer loyalty program.

You can start collecting and redeeming points today. It is our way of thanking you for being our loyal customer.

As a welcome bonus to our Customer Loyalty Program once you sign up you will receive 150 points that you can use on your next purchase. As a member, you will also receive points on every purchase depending on your level of loyalty. You can use this credit against your next purchase online or keep accumulating it for later redemption

How does JustRewards work?

Sign up in store and online (only your mobile number is required for initial sign up!) You will receive a welcoming message and 150 points free points. Once you receive the message complete your profile to activate your account, then each time you spend in store or online we will recognize you as a JustRewards member and your points will be added to your account.

You can also earn points for attending a JustKidding event, writing a customer review, or posting, liking, sharing or tagging us on Facebook.

 There are three tiers to the programme, depending on the level you spend –

Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the level of loyalty the higher the % of points you will receive on every transaction. Simply the more you spend the more you earn.



Are there terms and conditions for your loyalty program?
  • This program overrides and replaces any other prior discounts or reward program of Justkidding General Trading LLC.
  • By joining this scheme you are accepting the full terms and conditions as laid out online
  • This Program is currently not valid in the Justkidding Salam store.
  • Redemption of rewards is only applicable online at the current time.
  • Rewards are earned on each transaction over a period of time and are cumulative, the credit can only be redeemed against purchases and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Credit is redeemable by only the user of the account.
  • Points will expire if an account remains inactive for 12 months.
  • JustKidding® General Trading LLC retains the right to make changes to the program and will notify members accordingly of any changes.
  • Your data will not be shared with any other third parties; JustKidding® respects the privacy of our customers, and ensures that personal information is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

*Points from events/reviews/social sharing will be added to your account, the value of those points is at the discretion of JustKidding® General Trading LLC.

Delivery & Assembly
Do you offer delivery free of charge if I have purchased items in-store?

JustKidding® offers free delivery in Dubai if you have purchased items from any of our Dubai stores, however, there is a delivery charge applicable if items are purchased from our Dubai stores and have to be delivered to other emirates, the charges depend on the shipping address & product purchased. The same policy applies to other JustKidding® stores in other countries/cities.

Do you offer same day delivery if I have purchased items in-store?

Unfortunately JustKidding®doesn’t offer same day delivery if items are purchased in any of our stores, allJustKidding® deliveries are recorded in the store schedule and deliveries are scheduled according to availability.

Do you contact me prior to my delivery/assembly for orders that I purchased in-store?

Yes, we do, kindly note that JustKidding® doesn’t deliver/assemble if the date and timing isn't scheduled prior with thestore.

Do you offer assembly services when buying a product in-store?

JustKidding®offers free assembly service to our customers with first time purchased items or big items, like furniture, car seat, stroller, etc.

Can my gifts be directly delivered to my friends/family address if I bought it in-store?

Yes, it can, when purchasing your gifts you can choose the address you would like to send the package toand the JustKidding® teamwill arrange for the delivery accordingly.

Can I get my purchase items gift wrapped in-store for free?

Of course! With the exception of some furniture items that are too large to be wrapped, gift-wrapping is a service we can provide with your purchase. On some items, we charge a nominal fee for gift-wrapping.

Order-Pre order
What if an item is out of stock in-store?

In the unlikely event of something being out of stock in the store you can check with our store sales staff what the lead-time for that product is. If you are willing to wait for the item to arrive in store, the store staff can assist you with placing a pre-order for the product. In this case we are asking a down payment of at least 75%.

How do I pre-order something in-store?

If there is a new model stroller (or any product) you would like to purchase that you have seen somewhere but is not yet available in JustKidding® stores you can always check if it will be added to our product range to pre-order the item. If the item (S) will be added to our range you can pre-order by paying fully for the product or putting down a down payment of 75% for the item (S) until received.

Can I cancel a pre-order with a JustKidding® store?

In case you would like to cancel your pre-order, you can contact the store you have placed your pre-order with to cancel your pre-order or claim for a store credit for the amount paid. Please note there are no refunds for pre-orders.

Do you offer instalment on products if I purchase item (S) from JustKidding® stores?

Unfortunately JustKidding® currently doesn’t offer installment, all products need to be paid in advance.