If I buy something from the online gift registry, is it possible that someone else buys the same product?

No, the gift registry will be updated automatically every time a product is purchased, leaving only those gifts that have not yet been selected.

How do I register for the online gift registry?

There are a number of options:

  • You can register in any of our JustKidding® store with the help of JustKidding staff.
  • You can create your registry online on our website.
  • You can e-mail or call a customer service representative to schedule a time to set up your registry.
How do I add gifts to my online gift registry?

Once you have set up your registry, the easiest way to add products is online. Just log on to your registry and start shopping. When you find an item you would like to register for, simply add it to your list. If you need any help, our staff will be happy to assist you.

What if I don’t finish my online gift registry at once?

No problem! At some point, you may realize that you would like to add more products especially when you find out that some of the items on your list have been purchased. Your registry is available online 24 hours, so you can expand it whenever you want. Just select the “update your registry” option to log into your account and start shopping.

Can I update my online gift registry?

Yes, you can only update your registry online. When you browse your list and find items missing from your registry, you can update it immediately.

Can I see online what has already been bought from the online gift registry?

Yes, your gift registry is constantly updated. You are able to log in and see which items have been purchased. Checking your list frequently gives you an idea of what products you still need, and if you like to add more products, that is also possible with one click.

Can I have more than one online gift registry?

Absolutely! There are many reasons to have a registry such as baby showers, birthdays, and other special occasions. As long as each registry has a different name, you can have as many as you like. If you already have a registry and would like to create a second one, log in to your account, click on the “gift registry” link, and then look for the “create a new registry” button.

How can I find someone’s online gift registry?

You can search for a specific gift registry under the person’s name and surname or by the registry ID shared by the registry owner.

How can I let my family and friends know when I have made an online gift registry?

Once you have created your registry you can let your friends know by completing the ‘share your registry’ section. It will automatically send an email with a link that leads your friends and family directly to your registry.

What if I didn’t get everything on my online gift registry list?

We want to make sure you get everything on your list, so after your due date has passed you have the option to purchase all the items which you haven’t received yet.

Can I get my online purchase gift wrapped?

Of course! With the exception of some furniture items that are too large to be wrapped, gift wrapping is a service we can provide with your purchase. On some items, we charge a nominal fee for gift wrapping. At the moment we don't have the gift wrapping option at checkout but you can inform our online sales team who would be happy to assist accordingly.

Do you offer online gift cards?

JustKidding® offers online Gift Cards, which you can purchase for any specific amount for any special person. The online Gift Card can only be redeemed online at our website link www.JustKidding-me.com.

Can my gift be directly delivered to someone I bought it for when making an online purchase?

Yes, it can. When ordering you can choose the address you would like to send the package to.

Where will my gifts from my online registry be shipped to?

Where they are shipped to, depends on both you and the person giving you the gift. When creating your registry, you will either provide a shipping address or indicate that you would like all gifts to be sent to your friends or family giving you the gifts. If you do provide an address, people will get to choose whether to have your gift shipped to you or to their address so they can present it to you in person.