Can I use two Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor systems in my house?  


Yes, but the Sensor Pads and Cameras for both systems need to be at least 5 feet apart in order to avoid any interference.  

Can I deactivate the Sensor Pad on my AC315/417/517?


Yes.  Go into the ‘Settings’ option in the Menu and deactivate the Sensor Pad function.  Your monitor will still continue to work as a sound and video monitor. 

Can I add a Sensor Pad to my AC310/510?


Yes, you may purchase an Accessory Wired Sensor Pad, for the AC310, or an Accessory Wireless Sensor Pad for the AC510.

Which Angelcare® monitor do you recommend for monitoring twins or triplets?  


We recommend one Sound & Movement Monitor (AC401, AC1100, AC601) and one (or two in case of triplets) Movement only monitor (AC300). DO NOT use a monitor with two or more babies in the same crib, as the monitor will pick up movement even if a one of the babies has stopped moving.  We do not recommend using two AC201 or two AC1100 Monitors in the same house as you may experience interference.

I have a spring base crib (or a slat base crib). Can we still use the Angelcare® AC1100, AC401, AC201 or AC301 monitor?  


Yes. Place a hard board between the crib base and the Sensor Pad measuring at least 13” x 13” (33x33 cm) and 1/4” (6 mm) thick.

How long can I use an Angelcare® Movement & Sound monitor?

Our research shows that the Movement Sensor Pad is used for an average of 24 months. Keep in mind that the sensitivity would need to be adjusted as your baby grows. However, the Angelcare monitors can be used without the Movement Sensor Pad to monitor sound and video for as long as it gives you peace of mind.

Can I use my monitor in a different country?  


Please verify the transmission frequency and the adapter model number used by your baby monitor in the country where it was purchased. If your monitor was purchased in Europe, your monitor should work within the EU. However, other countries use different transmission frequencies and adapters and therefore it may not be possible. (Please contact us for frequency information and compatibility while traveling abroad.)


Which is the right side up of the Sensor Pad?

Always place the Sensor Pad under the mattress with the Angelcare logo/printed side facing up.


What happens in the event of a power failure?  


Your Angelcare® baby monitor will automatically convert to battery mode provided there are working batteries in both the Camera and the Parent Unit. All units are equipped with a “low battery” indicator. (Note: Not all models have batteries in the Camera unit and therefore do not have this capability – please check your user manual to determine if your model has batteries.)


Can the Sensor Pad detect my baby's movements through any type of mattress?  


The sensor pad must be placed directly on a solid surface under the mattress.  It is not compatible with hollow core mattresses or mattresses containing memory foam that comes in contact with the sensor pad.

What happens if my baby moves to a corner of the crib, off the Sensor Pad area?

Not a problem. The Angelcare® Sensor Pads have adjustable sensitivity to detect movement anywhere on the crib mattress. Please ensure that you have adjusted the sensitivity in the case of false alarms and place the sensor pad under the mattress positioned in the center for optimal coverage.



Should I lay my baby directly on the Sensor Pad?

No. The Sensor Pad is designed to work under your baby’s mattress.